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The Turntable makes car turning easy in areas where maneuvering space is restricted. In all areas where it is only possible to drive forwards or where place for parking maneuvers is restricted, the vehicle is simply rotated into the desired parking position with Turntable.

Turntable rotation constitutes the ideal solution in the event of narrow and limited parking space entries and exits.

Turntables are used in order to avoid maneuvering causing pollution, to fulfill safety regulations, e.g. where cars are only allowed to drive in forward direction, and/or the traffic area for a U-turn is not available.  For dimensions please see data sheet Turntable. Operation at an operating device with hold-to-run principle, which is mounted either on columns or in the local entrance area.

The turntable moves around a central storage which is mounted on the floor. The turntable is driven on the outer ring by a friction gear and supported by ball bearing plastic rollers. Top edge turntable is level with floor.