Stacker Parking

Two Step -Stacker Parking  or Valet Parking system features a pallet that is lifted up after the car is loaded. Thus additional parking can be made available in the space below the loaded pallet. Both indoor and outdoor installation is possible. Installation can be done on simply flat area with no additional architectural work. These systems are electromechanically or hydraulically operated.

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Three Level Park dimmentions



2 Level Car of different sizes Stacked



2 x 2 stacker Park design


a view of Car Stacker in Shopping Mall



3 Level Car Stacked design for different sizes


A view of Car Stacker with Shed


Architectural design of Car Stacker

These  parking systems are valet parking systems because need of Human Intervention. Its called two step because 1st Park then only Elevate or Ist remove car then only lower to use other than parking level.

We also have specially designed PIT Stacker Parking. These are Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor installations. Mostly preferred in residential complexes, shopping malls, IT Parks and Hotels.

The above system generates just double or triple space. But it has limitations that upper car con`t be taken for drive without removing lower park car. So delay in retrieval of  two step Valet parking system.


  • 1 driving level = 2 or 3 parking levels  results in land cost savings
  • Independent parking
  • Simple system, easy to install & Operate
  • Low maintenance cost
  • High level of operational and functional safety.

Product Selection Guide:

Single unit for 2level park (model CPS12) and double unit of 2 level park for 4 cars park (model CPS22). One unit of 3 level park ( model CPS13) and double unit of 3level park for 6 car park ( (model CPS23).

We provide 4 variants in CPS12, CPS22 and CPS23 namely Compact, Comfortable, Large & customized. These are available for Indoor, Outdoor  or Underground Installations.

  • The Compact model is suitable for small cars;
  • Comfort model is for middle size car while Large is for Luxury cars.
  • By Customize model, we serve the varying need of our customers such as largest sizes or van or mini buses or one small & one large at each level or typical space design to accommodate maximum park spaces as per customer need.
  • Additional, completely disappearing parking spaces for retrofitting
  • One parking level as a single garage or 2 aside as a double garage
  • The visible level system cover is flush with the surrounding ground and therefore can be driven over
  • The system cover can be designed individually e.g. brick/sand/marble, brick/sand/grass stones, earth/grass or checker plate. Our all system cover protects the car parked below.

We always work closely with our customers to provide best suitable solutions from concept to commissioning. We also support them in Maintenance.

So our products are grouped as:

  1. CPS12-Compact
  2. CPS12-Comfort
  3. CPS12-Large
  4. CPS12-Customize
  5. CPS13-Compact
  6. CPS13-Comfort
  7. CPS13-Large
  8. CPS13-Customize
  9. CPS22-Compact
  10. CPS22-Comfort
  11. CPS22-Large
  12. CPS22-Customize

Note: all above are available for Indoor, Outdoor or Underground design. ( Refer data sheet for sizes  of each one). For detailed specification contact us.

All Dimensions in Centimeter (cm)

Sl. No: Product Model Length (cm) Platform Width (cm) Height (cm) Weight (kg) Park space size (cm)                (L x W x H) Remarks
1 CPS12-Compact 500 270 150 2000 560 x 300 x 375
2 CPS12-Comfort 550 270 180 2400 610 x 300 x 435
3 CPS12-Large 600 270 220 2600 660 x 300 x 500
4 CPS12-Customize As per customer need
5 CPS13-Compact 500 270 150 2000 560 x 300 x 500
6 CPS13-Comfort 550 270 180 2400 610 x 300 x 600
7 CPS13-Large 600 270 220 2600 660 x 300 x 720
8 CPS13-Customize As per customer need
9 CPS22-Compact 500 540 150 4000 560 x 600 x 375
10 CPS22-Comfort 550 540 180 4600 610 x 600 x 435
11 CPS22-Large 600 540 220 5200 660 x 600 x 500
12 CPS22-Customize As per customer need