Rotary Parking System

 Credible Rotary Parking System features combination pallets carrying cars. Individually load and unload of the cars is possible. Thus system is independent system. This system is electromechanically operated. Fast IN & OUT of the cars is possible. Easy maneuvers of the cars. Combination of multiple levels vertically &horizontally is possible. We have specially designed PIT type Puzzle parking system also. Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor installation. Mostly preferred in residential complexes, IT Parks commercial complexes, malls, hotels etc.

 Credible product ranges are termed as Credible Rotary Park (CRP) and its number indicates no of carpark provided.

  1. CRP -8             for 8 car parks
  2. CRP -10           for 10 car park
  3. CRP -12           for 12 car park
  4. CRP -14           for 14 car park
  5. CRP-16             for 16 car park