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Car Park

Compacting Park Space, more convenience and ease of O&M

Multilevel Parking

Visit our various multilevel Parking Solutions under "Credible Parking"

Robotics Parking

Incredible ease, convenience & space saving in our "Credible Robotics Parking"


Elegance, Staunch and Quality in Elevator


Fast speed, High Capacity, Most Reliable.

Car Park

Credible is one of the fastest growing manufacturers and…

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Staunch Escalator are a moving staircase – a conveyor…

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Credible Parking Solutions

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Credible Car Park products variant are Compact, Comfortable, Large & customized type solutions; suitable for Indoor, Outdoor  or Underground Installations.

  • The Compact model is suitable for small cars.
  • Comfort model is for middle size car while Large is for Luxury cars.
  • By Customize model, we serve the specific need of our customers such as largest sizes or van or mini buses or one small & one large at each level or typical space design to accommodate maximum park spaces as per customer need.
  • Additional, completely disappearing parking spaces for retrofitting
  • One parking level as a single garage or 2 aside as a double garage
  • The visible level system cover is flush with the surrounding ground and therefore can be driven over
  • The system cover can be designed individually e.g. brick/sand/marble, brick/sand/grass stones, earth/grass or checker plate. Credible system cover protects the car parked below.

Credible team works closely with our customers to provide best suitable solutions from concept to commissioning. We also support our customers in Maintenance.

Credible Car Park team also provides various multilevel and fully robotics parking solutions.

Staunch Elevators


Staunch Elevators provided by us can meet the various customer requirements such as

High Speed

Medium Speed

Low Speed

We serve our customer`s various need by Traction Lifts, Machine Room Less Lifts & Hydraulic Elevators.

Staunch Escalator


Staunch Escalators are designed with 1000mm wide steps which allow passengers to move comfortably when carrying luggage and shopping bags.

Staunch Escalators with 600mm or 800mm wide steps are also available and generally used in low traffic areas

Standard transportation speed ranges between 0.5 to 0.65m/s

For a speed of 0.5m/s the theoretical capacity is:

600mm step width -4500 persons per hour

800mm step width -6750 persons per hour

1000mm step width -9000 persons/hour

Whenever possible its best to install two or more parallel sets of escalators.